Dhonburi navyfield ship

images dhonburi navyfield ship

Put as much as belt and some anti torp. Never had a Dhonburi myself,had a Bayern though and the PCL's are quite similar exept the Texas, the only one with trip 8". Good luck with that. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. The new ships were enthusiastically received by the Siamese Navy.

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  • HTMS Thonburi, also known as Dhonburi, was a coastal defence ship of the Royal Thai Navy.


    Design[edit]. HTMS Thonburi 4 days before fight.

    images dhonburi navyfield ship

    Thonburi and​. As we all know all the ships have a distinct advj for each nation. RN gun power. KM range.

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    US hit points. IJN balanced SN balanced. Remove D grade ships with full resources input in ship research. RN CL Tiger B, JP CL Dhonburi B, KM CL Bayern B, SN CL Gamelin B.
    Cruiser guns mounted on small hulls, generally for coastal defences or whatnot. Don't go looking for any form of realism at all in this game!!

    Alpha TesterIn AlfaTesters. I would like to know what is included in it. Both ships of the class had entered service by the time hostilities had broken out in Europe during the Second World War.

    PCLs are pretty nice, especially for catching up crews, not as main leveling ships.

    images dhonburi navyfield ship
    Dhonburi navyfield ship
    The resulting battle was nothing short of a massive defeat, as the Siamese ship was severely damaged by enemy fire and beached to prevent sinking.

    images dhonburi navyfield ship

    Posted: Wed Apr 27, pm. Report post 1. Are those available for purchase individually? Aop Aur. Ayuthia was later refloated and repaired in Japan by the end ofbut Dhonburi capsized and sank while under tow after being refloated. Posted: Mon Sep 19, am.

    THE Dhonburi:D Jan 15 PM.

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    After realising (in my I bought a mikasa thread) that u guys understand the ship tree and. I had to level a full support. Nationality: Imperial Japanese Navy, Ship Class: CL Required Level: 33, DP: Max Displacement:R space: For the Imperial Japanese Navy. A ship is what you sail around the world of NAVYField.

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    Types of Ships There are seven main types.
    If You want to buy, please write e-mail saga modelarstwookretowe. Z99 with 6. Link to original essay thread Stuart wrote: There are several points where the French account is obviously false. Don't go looking for any form of realism at all in this game!! Just out of curiosity.

    images dhonburi navyfield ship
    I only have lv 80 gunners.

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    Good luck hitting anything though lol. Good luck with that. Previous topic Next topic. The second part.

    images dhonburi navyfield ship

    Posted: Wed May 31, am. Please unzip Event server files in a different folder with your Navyfield folder 2.

    This is the Thai coast defense ship HTMS Thonburi, ordered from Kawasaki in Some of us may know this ship from Navy Field - they called it "Dhonburi" and it.

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    New ships added CL - Requried Captain level: 18, Command Center level: 4 USN: Taxas, USN: Taxas, RN: Tiger, IJN: Dhonburi, KM: Bayern, SN: Gamelin. Later, it was remodeled as Carrier vessel. The HMS Furious presented in Navy Field is the pre-remodeled version. It will provide stronger firepower than other.
    Posted: Fri Mar 18, pm. Posted: Fri Jun 17, pm. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Posted: Mon Nov 23, pm.

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    The Thai navy has its battle at Koh Chang as per historical the historical here being what we deduced really happened, not the overblown French account. Put as much as belt and some anti torp.

    images dhonburi navyfield ship
    Dhonburi navyfield ship
    The official UK history of the war says the Japanese invasion force was two divisions strong minus one regiment.

    Posted: Mon May 03, pm. I would love to purchase the 3d model computer files for the oerlikon, mm, and twin bofor guns to print them on shapeways and use them on my model escort carrier. When i see a Texas, Bayern and even a tiger rushing into me i think "bugger".

    The ships were laid down at Kawasaki's facilities inand the first, Sri Ayuthiawas launched on 21 July So, you also have the modelartswo okretowe drawings of the ship. Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships says: "Chonburi, Songhkli and Trad were sunk in action with french warships in the gulf of Siam on

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      I never know why I never see a picture of the Thonburi with underwater hull.

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      Hello, I am sorry for digging up a very old post, but I am very, very interested in the plans of my own country's ship!

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      Unfortunately five divisions is little more than a mob if the enemy has air superiority. I only have lv 80 gunners.